June 12th, 2006


We saw "Cars"

To my surprise, they didn't show the bumper stickers on the back of the hippie VW bus. He only has his back to the camera once, and he's in the background at the time. So, you'll have to go to the movie's web site to see the "Save 2D Animation" sticker on him.

I won't spoil the movie, but I will say that there wasn't a shot in this movie that made me go "whoa" like in the last couple Pixar films. (In Monsters, Inc. it was Sulley's fur catching the snow; in The Incredibles it was Violet's long, wet hair -- though it had several "wow" shots.)

It doesn't seem to have as many sets at The Incredibles had. It's a good movie, though. I just didn't see anything that stuck out as a real breakthrough in CGI.

I was very surprised to find that Pixar voiceover regular John Ratzenberger did not play a mail truck. That would have been so perfect.