July 4th, 2006


Sorry, more PPG Z stuff... heheh

A manga series is being released at the same time. One page was scanned by Japanese PPG mega-fan Sukaponta.


...and so I did a quick "scanlation"...


I took some license with the line about the lab being the place where the girls were created. Without an ending verb, it could just be, as someone else posted, simply "This place belongs to Professor Utonium, creator of the Powerpuff Z." Of course, both are wrong, really, since it was Ken who created them, but ... hey, maybe the girls don't actually know that yet.

I don't know why Peach is saying thank you. While the base word used is tsukare meaning tiredness, when preceded by the honorific prefix o it becomes a term for thanks (being not as common as the various combinations of doumo arigatou gozaimasu, I went with the less-common English term "much obliged!"). Maybe the previous page would explain it; this is page 6, apparently.

Peach has a pun name, in that the "dog" part is pronounced "ken". So, the professor has Ken his son, and "Digital Ken Peach".