July 14th, 2006


Yesterday's musical oddity

Yesterday we got a call from a customer (a business) in Perú, and as I was talking to the guy, I noticed the music in the background. It appeared to be a piano recording, or perhaps even a MIDI file, playing the famous habanera used in the opera Carmen.

How cultured, I thought. You wouldn't hear a company in the U.S. playing that in their office.

But then, to my amazement, it made a segue into Hava Nagilah.

It was difficult to resist interrupting our business conversation with, "What the HECK??"

Today, though, I'm wondering if I might have heard Mimi Blais make such a segue in a version of her popular and funny Aunt Georgette routine. Usually, she goes from that habanera into Mozart's Turkish March (with the intro from I think Eine Kleine Nachtmusik as the segue), but I can't help thinking that maybe she's made the segue into Hava Nagilah once. Could it be they were listening to some recording of Mimi down there in Perú? Doubtful, though, because there was no pause like Mimi does to say "olé" in the habanera, and no audience laughter. So I'm just left wondering, "What the HECK??"

And of course, today I've got all three tunes in my head.