July 24th, 2006


Pick my toe!

So, today was the third consecutive day with a temperature above 110 degrees F. This does not happen here -- just as it does not snow, like it did a few months ago. The planet is freakin' out, man!

It should be under 110 tomorrow, but it'll still be Topekin'. Nevertheless, I shall brave the heat in my leathers and helmet, because...

Tomorrow is A-Day!

...and P&B-Day, of course.

You know Animal Crossing is popular when...

...they make a movie out of it.


The web site's kinda neat. You can do a lot of things in the Flash -- change the music, the time of day, pick the weeds, shoot down a prize (Windows wallpaper), have K.K. play something, and even enter your email address and receive movie updates from the town residents, if I remember that correctly.

Here's my translation of the text from the "Story" link:

Animal Crossing -- humans and animals live together and get along in this wonderful village.

One day, a girl named Ai arrived at this place and took up residence. Not knowing right from left in Animal Crossing, Ai gets a job, and before long all the village's residents open their heart to her. One evening at the village beach, Ai picks up a curious message in a bottle. Under the open lid, the message reads: "During the evening of the snow festival, a miracle will occur"...

I guess "not knowing right and left" is a Japanese expression for being figuratively (or literally) lost or something.