August 20th, 2006


L.A. Dot, L.A. Dot ...

... That's the sign that the vest has got.

As I was kitting up to leave Sutter Creek, the lady of the house where I stay suddenly said, "You know, Chip (her husband) has an orange vest..." She went into a room and came out with this City of Los Angeles Department Of Transportation worker's vest, and they gave it to me. Chip said it had belonged to one of his students years ago.

I don't know the full story of how it escaped the LADOT, but it's mine now for night-time riding. Doesn't it look spiffy? The black lettering obviously was not intended to withstand 75-80 mph winds; parts of it already have started to wear off, as you can see.

I really need to wash that yellow suit of mine. One of the points of wearing that rain suit is visibility, but when it's so caked in road grime, it isn't very bright. I got a new helmet too, and have orange reflective stripes on the sides and back, but nothing that shows from the front. I'll have to find something else to stick there!