August 25th, 2006


"Monster Allergy" is coming to the U.S.

Remember that Italian comic book that I translated 11 pages of almost three years ago?

Well, it since was made into a cartoon in Europe, and now that cartoon is coming to the U.S.

This was announced last October, but I only just heard about it. It'll be on Kids' WB!, which is retaining its name even on the CW network. It will air at 8:30 a.m., right after Tom Minton's series Tom & Jerry Tales.

The debut for both shows will be September 23, from what I've read. The first episode of Monster Allergy I have seen already, in the original Italian. It seemed to require foreknowledge of the characters, or maybe it's doing a "show the characters established first, then go back from the beginning" thing. ...or maybe they'll air the episodes in a different order in the U.S., so that the characters can be established to those unfamiliar with them (which, considering that the comic never was published in English, would be just about everybody).

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Interestingly, the comic is published by The Walt Disney Company Italia, and now the cartoon is being aired on Kids' WB. It's a funny old world.