September 18th, 2006


TTA theme in German, Portuguese & Spanish

Just noticed that I had recordings of the Tiny Toon Adventures theme in German, Portuguese and Spanish on my hard drive. I guess people had sent them to me last year but I forgot about them! I put them up on the WB toon themes in foreign languages page, though the it is a much lower-quality recording than what I have on my hard drive. I can email the higher-quality recordings if anyone wants them.

The Portuguese is peculiar in that they sing the theme to an apparent MIDI file rather than the original recording. The Portuguese voiceovers seem bad in general on other shows as well, but this one's especially glaring (the recording I have was made with the levels much too high, so that doesn't help the cause). A few words in this recording seem different than the lyrics which I already had up. The last line is definitely different. The lyrics came from Brazil; I'm not sure whether this recording came from Brazil or Portugal.