September 20th, 2006


OK, here's the Christmas Carol...

It's 13 MB so I have to use a file-storage service that has some hoops to go through in order to get the download: (scroll down and click the "Free" button, then watch the timer count down until a download link shows up).

This was performed live within a foley studio in 1996 (though this recording is the re-air). The recording begins after it already has started, but it doesn't seem to be too far into it. They manage to play it quite straight until about 10 minutes in, then the ad-libbing begins -- particularly once the Ghost of Christmas Present shows up...

Cast in alphabetical order (not all their parts, but whatever can be identified or are mentioned at the end):

JM J. Bullock -- Ghost of Christmas Present
Todd Donahoe -- Bob Cratchit
Mark Hamill -- Marley's Ghost, Ghost of Christmas Future
Jess Harnell -- Tiny Tim, Men on the street
(Jenna?) -- Ghost of Christmas Past
Kevin Pollack -- Scrooge
Missy Vaughn -- Mrs Cratchit
Jill Whelan -- Other female roles?, Boy on the street

One or both of the radio DJs themselves -- Mark Thompson and Brian Phelps -- are present as well. One of them is the narrator, at least.

Egad! A recent picture of me!

The web site of Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival has been updated with photos from this year. Unbeknownst to me, my picture had gotten taken. Rather than just "Audience", I'm actually identified by name. How flattering, for one who is not actually a performer.

It's on Page 6 of the 15 pages of photos:

Yeah, the photographer, Lewis Motisher, knows me; he's the one who gave me these high-quality recordings of a couple of my tunes being played by Tom Brier several years ago (though these MP3s are of lower quality): Conversation Pieces, and Mad Scientist Rag.

Dang, I look at myself in the mirror and think, "Eek! I'm getting pudgy!", but when I see a photo of myself like that, it reminds me that I'm still the thinnest person I've ever known.