September 26th, 2006


Jury doody

Must report to the United States District Court in San Francisco (77 miles away) at 7:45 a.m.

Given it's commute time and that I'll have to go through San Jose and all the other cities between here and S.F., I'm thinking perhaps two hours by motorcycle, even with lane-splitting.

That's it: The court is guilty, 'cause that's criminal!

Billy West and a Dalek ... !

Somebody posted a video of clips from their trip to DragonCon (which is in Atlanta, I believe). In it is a brief scene of Billy West holding an inflatable Dalek, and talking as though Prof. Zoidberg were a Dalek. This is preceded by Rodger Bumpass (who voices Squidward in -- aie! -- Spongebob Squarepants) actually trying to sound like a Dalek (or maybe he's doing Squidward as a Dalek; I think the voice of that character is rather Daleky, isn't it?).

The scenes in question start 2:16 into the video.