November 2nd, 2006


Fun with re-installs...

OK, so several months ago, I re-installed Windows. Of course that means re-installing a lot of software and that wasn't a big deal... until now. I really want to finish some music I started to write a while ago, and experiment with something else, but while I can run the music scoring program, I can't load my MIDI sequencer.

It's installed, but it has lost its registry key and won't run 'cause of that. But I haven't the foggiest idea where I put the CD of it. I'm gonna have to download a pirated version just so I can use something I should be a legitmate user of. Don't you hate that?

Andrew, sorry I disappeared from the ragtime chat room Tuesday night. It suddenly dumped me to the login screen and wouldn't take my password. Tried the forgot-password link, got the email, clicked the activation link, entered the new password... and still no go. Then it locked me out! I was able to connect today, so whatever the problem was, it seems to have fixed itself.