November 7th, 2006


A skiing turkle?

penelopecat spotted a bumper sticker that reminded her of kinkyturtle yesterday.

Apparently, the Squaw Valley ski resort has a popular slope which one reaches by taking a ski lift called KT-22. They have an advertising campaign which promotes individual slopes, and their campaign for this slope is a simple sign: "GOT KT?"

I have been unable to find an image of said bumper sticker, but there certainly are plenty of Google hits to pages making a reference to it.

Rather than make two entries here, I'll fake it with an h3 header...

I Did Not Inhale!

The power went out for three hours last night -- not uncommon up here in the hills. So I decided to read manga by candlelight. Well, I was interrupted by the smoke alarm in the hall outside my room. Boy, was that ever loud. I should have closed the door, put in my earplugs, then dealt with it. I can't quite reach the ceiling, so I was jumping up trying to grab hold of the thing so I could yank out the battery, but had no luck. Eventually I brought my candles out so I could see it properly, and got something with which I could poke the shut-off button.

I opened the bathroom window to help with ventilation. When I went to bed, I realized, eegh, it is kinda smoky in here; this one particular candle had indeed been giving off a lot of smoke. So I opened a window in my room as well. I had to close the door to my room 'cause the business office is the next room over and our shipper arrives while I'm still asleep.

Today, I smell and/or taste smoke or candle perfume (for one candle was scented) with every breath. No one else does, though, so it's not in the air; it's in my nose and mouth. Bleah. I'm lightly coughing a little occasionally, too. It's like I was in a room where someone had been smoking, or I had been out of the state and sat in the "No Smoking" section of a restaurant (out of state 'cause restaurants are entirely non-smoking in California). ...or I had been to Japan, to reference a Japanese TV commercial wbwolf posted a link to this weekend. (...and I still have that Sanrio Happy Birthday song in my head!)