November 8th, 2006



Gah! I keep forgetting to eat the fruit that I buy. I always go to the freezer first to get something microwavable, then once it's going and I reach in the refrigerator for a drink, oh yeah! I have fruit! It's gonna go bad!

I've even been getting smaller amounts of fruit so that I actually can finish it. Speaking of which, I have some leftovers of a larger bowl that are getting pretty moldy in there... should really toss 'em out into the woods for the critters before the fruit gets REALLY nasty.

In other news, I just downloaded and installed that Gizmo for LJ gizmo. It's running now. So, if you decide you want to IM me and I'm not on AIM/ICQ, try that... or if you want me to exercise my voice at you, I always have my mic hooked up and ready to go.