November 15th, 2006


I'm gonna have me a book!

I'm putting together a ring-bound music book of all my completed compositions to date, except for the one I finished a few days ago. So it's got the amazingly boring and unimaginitive title of 17 Rags by Ron O'Dell.

I did not have the time to add page numbers for the entire book or anything (would require trying to work with the old Encore scores and frankly, Encore doesn't wanna work anymore -- plus there are the three scores that Tom Brier made for me, so I can't edit them), so I put all the compositions in alphabetical order and just listed that order on the Table of Contents page. Since each score has its name on every page (though, depending on whether the score in the book starts on the left or right side page, the name may be on the inside or outside of pages), it shouldn't be too difficult for anyone to find a particular tune.

The book will have a clear vinyl front cover and blue vinyl back cover, and the title page will be a thicker stock than the main pages. The cost estimate is $12.55 per book. I'm having 20 made for this first printing. My target sale price was $20, so this is well within range. May even be able to go lower, but I think $20 is good for 17 scores (which normally would be $3 individually). I only have nine scores available for individual sale (actually, two are "out of print"; one of them, I accidentally sold the master copy so I'd have to make a new cover), so this book has eight previously unpublished titles.

Tomorrow night I go to approve the first one (basically to make sure they didn't get any pages out of order), then I'll be able to pick up the bulk of 'em Thursday night before I prepare to leave for the West Coast Ragtime Festival on Friday morning.

It was kind of odd filling out their copyright waiver form. I had to sign a form that thus would read, "I, Ron O'Dell, hereby permit Ron O'Dell to make copies ... ."