December 30th, 2006


Happy Holidays, Eastern European Style

We sell products by companies from all over the world. One of our major vendors is in Bulgaria (where they love Histeria!?). For the holidays, they managed to send to us not a card, not a letter, but a hand-painted ceramic jug full of apricot brandy, replete with little hand-painted ceramic shot cup things with nifty curved handles.

Now, I don't drink, generally -- last time I had anything alcoholic was probably a glass of wine over 20 years ago in Casper, Wyoming, of all places. But when the boss/landlord offered a shot, I figured what the heck.

На Рок! (hope I spelled that properly; I'm guessing the Cyrillic...)


We both coughed a bit on that one. He's German, and said this sort of thing was reminiscent of what they'd drink in winter time back home. "It warms you," he said.

About two minutes later, I felt like removing my long-sleeved shirt. Egad.