March 10th, 2008


Moments Musical

I've been fiddling around with writing music again. Gosh it's frustrating, though, to write stuff without a title in mind! I don't know what to call these things I'm working on.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a very peculiar rag in which one strain is in 7/4 time, two are in normal 2/4 time, and the last strain is in 7/8 time. Given that 7 is considered a lucky number by many, and that the primary tempo I was working with was my lucky number (88), I decided to call it Lucky Number Rag.

I have to work on making a pseudo-handplayed MIDI sequence for it, but here's the rough computer rendition: -- I think speeding up on the final strain would be best.

Yesterday, I sat down to write stuff again. First, I came up with this beautiful intro that I might want to use for something someday: (gosh, a minor seventh chord; aren't you proud of me?).

But then I went to a clean sheet and wrote two strains of a considerably more peppy nature: (no idea what to call it, and nothing springs to mind when hearing it, but I better come up with a title soon 'cause I want to write the final strain(s) to finish this one).

Tonight, I went back to a clean sheet and wrote this very fun strain, because the melody was in my head all day at work: -- the title definitely will have to be something along the lines of "... Strut" or "... Walk". It just has a real struttiness to it; don't you think so? But I can't think of anything! Garrrrgh! But at least it isn't in imminent danger of being finished like the previous one, since this is just one strain so far.