March 11th, 2008


Paul Rugg & Mitch Schauer together again

Thanks to John McCann for letting me know that the Sam Plenty Cavalcade of Action Show Plus Singing web site has gone live now. This Jim Henson Company project is headed up by Paul Rugg and Mitch Schauer, both of Freakazoid! fame (Schauer also created The Angry Beavers). Steve & Julie Bernstein are doing the music, too!

Click the "Meet the Director" link to hear Paul essentially interviewing himself... No, he's not Mr Director; he's Sanso Pontapuntaquenia. You can hear more of "Sanso" in the Podcast under the "Episodes" link.

And yes, the first part is Part 3. It was posted only yesterday.

Some of it's pretty dumb, but sometimes things have made me laugh -- like in the character bios; this bit is very Freakazoidish: "A native of Nome, Alaska, Ethel began her acting career at the age of two by being a substitute dancing monkey for a prominent Alaskan organ grinder. She was so good that within a few weeks she replaced the monkey full-time. She worked with the grinder until her teenage years when her size made it impossible to wear the little hat." Another good one from the bios: "Meorani is currently assisting 4th grade students at Wilfred Brimley Elementary School in Helena, Montana in their efforts at achieving the Bose-Einstein Condensate."

I don't know how frequently new episodes will be posted.