March 14th, 2008


What's all the hubbalaboo?

I think I've got a name for the fast-tempo ragtime composition I began on Sunday, which I posted about earlier this week. (This one.)

I suddenly remembered having said the silly line "What's all the hubbalaboo?" a week or two ago, for no reason other than I thought switching the sounds around to make "hubbalaboo" was funny -- sort of how I like to say "How much chuck would a chuckwood wood if a chuckwood could wood chuck?" or other such pospreterous things (particularly in silly voices). So I thought, "Hmm... Hubbalaboo," figuring that "Hullabaloo" would have been used before.

However, checking The Ragtime Compendium, an Excel spreadsheet that lists all 13,000+ ragtime compositions known to Man (and even to Tom Brier), I was surprised to find that the word hullabaloo has not appeared in the title or subtitle of any ragtime composition before.

Therefore, I propose that that rag, once finished, should be called A Rag-Time Hullabaloo. How about them peaches? Why not apples? 'Cause I like apples; I'm keepin'em. Thus I offer you them thar peaches. How Peacherine of me. Har. Ehheh... eh... never mind.