April 6th, 2008


First look at Stitch anime

I just found this, but of course tikistitch already had posted about it too! But I found it on my own! So there! Heheheh.

You can only barely hear the audio. Only a few words can be made out. You can hear Stitch say "Shiisaa" when one is shown, and you can hear the duckling call Stitch "Mama!"

As it takes place in Okinawa, you will see Stitch playing a sanshin, and of course there's a folk demon character which we have discovered is a kijimunaa -- who also plays the sanshin. Perhaps Stitch learns the sanshin from the kijimunaa.

Stitch wears a Good Deeds Counter to help him learn to behave.

Jumba and Pleakley are present, but no others. Five of the "cousins" are shown on a promotional poster (not seen in this video, but on Sukaponta's site). Instead of her sister, the new girl lead is raised by her grandmother.

And let's not forget the funky dancing turtle. No, must not forget that.