April 28th, 2008


The Failure of the Left

On my way home from penelopecat's house last night, I noticed my turn signal indicator flashing quickly. Uh oh -- electrical trouble. Being unsure whether it was a turn signal problem or the rear light itself, I pulled off at an exit. While at a stop light, I turned around and saw that my left rear turn signal was not working.

Signaling left with my arm presented a challenge. As this motorcycle has bar-mounted mirrors, my arm then blocks my mirror view. Given that people probably are too stupid to know a hand signal when they see one, it was a bit scary.

I pulled into a gas station and stopped to check that nothing else was failing... lo and behold the signal was working again. I shaked it, batted it -- still worked. I shrugged and got back on the highway... at which point the light stopped working again.

So I got a new bulb today. The old bulb has blown out in the most spectacular way. It was like something had exploded inside, splattering the entire glass with glitter-sized grayness. Funky. It took a while to get the darn signal glass open. I took out the screw, but there's some kind of snap mechanism that I just couldn't pry open easily. Eventually managed it, without breaking it, even, which is something of a triumph.

So, all better now.

Stay tuned later tonight for video of a dramatic baby-deer rescue we did today (while hoping the very angry mama deer wouldn't try to stop us).

Rescuing baby deer with angry mother close by

Today's dramatic deer rescue!

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Unfortunately, with the angry mama deer jumping around and looking potentially aggressive, I couldn't pay attention to where I was pointing the camera most of the time, so I actually missed the handoff of the fawn over the fence -- and only got the feet of the mama deer much of the time as she spasticly jumped around and lunged toward us occasionally.