April 30th, 2008


Room with a Pew

At about 10 a.m. this morning while preparing shipments, I reached over to get a shipping pouch when I noticed a skunk right outside the window! How cute! Rarely see them in broad daylight (I saw an opossum in the back yard in broad daylight a while back -- now that was unusual). Linda and I did see a really huge fluffy skunk wandering down the side of the road shortly before sunset one evening, though.

Half an hour later, it was still rooting around for food just outside the window, but was starting to head down the slope.

Alas, if only it had come after noon when things are slower -- then I could have captured some video.

Going out after work today, I noticed a female blue jay standing on a fallen branch about 10 feet from me. Then she flew to the tree about six feet laterally, up on the first row of branches. Of course she flew away when I started the motorcycle, but after a few seconds, she was back, on the ground behind the bike. She hopped to within about six feet of me, grabbing morsels, then fluttered around to the front of the motorcycle (engine running, remember), at about the same distance.

She would stop to stare at me as I got all my gear on, but was remarkably unafraid of me or the noise from the idling motorcycle. Pretty neat.

Monday (yes, baby deer day), I saw a quail on the deck. It must have walked onto the deck from the ground-level part, but then got to the other end of the deck, which is one storey up due to the sloping ground on which the house is built. So what did the quail do? It jumped! flapflapflapflapflap... landed and kept on walking. They can't fly, but they can slow their descent well enough, it seems.

Randy Rogel talked a little about the fabled Dear Mister Gingrich shelved Animaniacs cartoon today, giving our first idea of how the music went. He said the opening of the tune was made to mimic Judy Garland's singing to Clark Gable in You Made Me Love You, and that it went into a different direction from there. He didn't confirm (nor deny) whether the tune had any relation to Dear Mister Gershwin (which I've never heard -- only saw a reference to online somewhere).