May 9th, 2008


Nice piece of tail

Welcome to the Forensic Files here on TruLJ.

I went out to take packages to the mailbox this morning, as usual. On the second step from the door, I saw what appeared to be a large bird feather of some sort. Looking more closely, I realized it wasn't a feather at all.

It was a squirrel's tail. It comes to such a point that it sort of looks like a feather.

I thought, "How odd; I didn't know they could detatch..."

On my way back up the steps, I noticed that one step up from the tail -- on the porch level -- was some poop left by a bird of obviously significant size, and, next to that, some stains which flies were enjoying.

Scratch one squirrel. Aww...

So the question is: Did the bird do the deed, or was it a scavenger bird cleaning up the evidence of a deed done by a mammal such as a fox?

Well, I ain't gonna get a sample of the poop to find out if it's from a bird of prey or a scavenger, thank you very much... That's a job for AnimaLJ Planet!