May 12th, 2008


Killing spree continues; bird exonerated; suspect sighted!

I was told today that, just after I left for the races on Friday, the landpeople went out to clean up the deck in preparation for weekend houseguests, and they discovered another squirrel tail and accompanying blood stain -- this time on the deck.

Shortly thereafter, they happened to glance up at one of the trees next to the deck and they saw a big kitty cat! "Oh our gorshness," cried they, "is that a mountain lion?"

So they called the city muckitymucks, who came a-runnin' armed with a camera -- and probably more besides since there were lots o' coppers with 'em. They traipsed along the back yard and took pictures, then concluded, "T'aint no puma; that thar's a bobcat!" Then they left.

I know, I know: A bobcat doesn't look much like a puma. Anyway, that makes more sense, since I don't think mountain lions spend much time in trees -- do they? And certainly a mountain lion more likely would be chompin' on our deer than on our squirrels.

So I missed all the excitement. Of course, after a weekend full of noise out on the deck, I'm sure Mr Bobbycat has bailed. Darnipoo! I wanna see da big kitty!

Actually, on Friday before I left, I heard a squirrel in a tree out back repeating the same quiet noise over and over. I'm not fluent in squirrelese like I am in kittycatian, so I'm not sure what the noise meant, but it might have been a warning or worried noise.