May 15th, 2008


Two more Stitchy pages

Pages 3 and 4 of the first Lilo & Stitch manga are now translated. But I include pages 1 and 2 here also for easy reference.

I haven't put "translated" sound effects into pages 3 & 4 yet, as I just had a couple hours window to do this. I took some liberty with Jumba's line, to make it sound more like the English-language Jumba. He ended his sentence with "yarou" which I can only think was meant as a "maybe", but instead of making him say he's "probably making" the machine, I thought it was funnier to add "ehh, probably" to the end (and it fit the speech bubbles better anyway). When Pleakley says, "The ingredients are all assembled," he uses the extremely feminine "wa ne" ending, but there's just no way to make the line sound so feminine in English, alas.