May 22nd, 2008


Lilo & Stitch manga chapter 1, all translatified


Summit Fire

Yes, another fire near me.

Most of you know that I'm from Santa Cruz, and live in a hilly, forested area, so might be thinking, "Oh no! Keeper's in there!" when seeing the reports on the news.

But no. I live in the hills east of Morgan Hill now (i.e., just down the hill from Henry Coe State Park, where the 47,000-acre Lick Fire happened last year) -- a valley and another hill away from the fire, which is moving in the opposite direction primarily at this time. There is no danger it will get over here.

With the wind direction what it is, and being on the hillside that I am, I didn't even know about the fire until my brother in Georgia called to make sure I was all right. He saw it on Fox News (hey, it's Georgia, after all) and it sounded like they were saying that the entire town of Corralitos was being evacuated, and the fire was headed into Watsonville... Uh, no. People in the mountains above Corralitos are evacuating, and yes, it is moving generally in the direction of Watsonville, only 'cause Watsonville is the nearest city in that direction. It's not actually going into Watsonville (other than within technical jurisdiction limits).

Even the race track in Watsonville will be running as usual tomorrow night -- though the Fairgrounds where it is located will be abuzz: It is acting as a staging area for firefighters, a shelter for evacuees, and a shelter for evacuated livestock (more than 100 horses already according to one report I saw, plus pigs, goats, chickens, and I expect llamas).

At first, I heard that Hecker Pass Highway, which I take to the race track, was closed, but that isn't true, it seems. There are roads that feed onto Hecker Pass which are closed, but Hecker itself apparently is still open. So it looks like I won't have to take the circuitous route, thankfully.

However, at 3000 acres burned already, the fire is "zero percent contained", and is expected to grow to 10,000 acres over the next couple of days. That still won't threaten the major population centers, I expect.

But there are a lot of houses there along the Summit Rd / Highland Way / Eureka Canyon Blvd route. I rode a motor scooter through that area once. More than 20 homes have been destroyed already, according to reports.