May 26th, 2008


...and a bag of CHiPs

On the way home from Sacramento on Saturday night / Sunday morning, I was on I5 going through Stockton, at somewhere around 85-90 mph. I think I was in the part of I5 where the speed limit drops to 65.

Anyway, I moved into the center lane to pass a car, as another car was closing in from behind. Once around the slower car, I went back to the right lane. Then the faster car passed me. It was a highway patrol car.

(whistle innocently)

Once I got close to home, on 101 between San Jose and Morgan Hill, I was one lane from the right while a car passed me in the far left lane (four lanes). That car suddenly slowed quite a bit, and then I saw why: a highway patrol car was parked on the side of the road. I slowed to about 70-75 (65 zone) and the patrol car turned on its headlights. I moved into the right lane, and the patrol car began tailgating me. I kept it at about 70 mph. The car that had been going faster was now doing only 65, so we were catching him.

The patrol car then pulled one lane to the left, and planted himself in my blind spot, just to be annoying, I guess. Eventually he moved back behind me then pulled off to the side of the highway again.

My motorcycle's chain is well stretched out now, though, I noticed when I stopped for gas upon arriving in Morgan Hill. Nice "shunk!" as it tightens when I take off, and a noticeable wobbly delivery of power at low speeds.

I was very glad for the cool, wet weather on the trip up to Sacramento. People often comment, "Nice day for riding, isn't it?" when it's 90 degrees out. They're so wrong. It's much nicer to ride on an overcast, scattered-showers, 60-degree day.