May 31st, 2008


Bully for Nato, and Mysterious Snoopy

Starting on page 2 of this thread --
-- there's a lot of interesting stuff from Jon McClenahan about who did what on various StarToons shorts for Animaniacs, and an amusing "post" by Tom Ruegger (c/o Jon) describing how Nathan (whom Tom calls "Nato" apparently) influenced a script and began to have say in how Skippy was portrayed.

In other news...

Yesterday, penelopecat had an odd thing happen. As you may or may not know, her car's license plate is "♥S SNPY". Well, when she left her house for work yesterday, she discovered a Snoopy plushie sitting on her car. It's a Snoopy with a red hood and a red scarf with hearts on it. The tag has the name "Ryder" written on it.

No idea who Ryder is. It must be a neighbor, because she lives on a dead-end street, so it's not like a random person drove by and thought, "Aw, lets take this old Snoopy plushie and leave it there."