June 21st, 2008


Like Lilacs in Springtime

I meant to write this but forgot.

Last week as I headed toward the race track, I could see massive amounts of smoke all throughout the southern sky. When I reached the summit on Hecker Pass into Santa Cruz County, I hit a really freaky brown fog. It was spooky -- thick smoke mixed with coastal fog. The entire area around the race track in Watsonville was cast in a deep yellow light as a result. By the end of the night, I could feel particulate matter in my throat and airways. Bleah. The smoke came from Los Padres National Forest, of which 24,000 acres had burned at that point -- the wind direction changed for that day, bringing it up our way. Now, 50,000 acres have burned in that fire, but we don't see much smoke from it up here.

However, last night, there was another fire near the race track. It's being a Fire of the Week. This one apparently was set intentionally by someone on a motorcycle stopping and lighting the ground on fire at multiple points along Highway 1. It wasn't me -- honest! I come from the other direction!


Yep. While they recorded bonus material for Vol. 2 of Tiny Toons at the same time as for Vol. 1, you may remember me mentioning that they only had recorded for F! season 1. Maybe they were waiting to see how F! would do in pre-orders...? Anyway, they'll be recording bonus features for season 2 next month. (And of course, season 1 comes out next month too.)

First day of Sumpringtermn

Hello, Climate Change.

OK, it was 105-110 degrees yesterday. Since penelopecat and I will be outside this afternoon, I wondered how hot it is going to be today. I checked an hour ago, and it said the current temperature was 104, and there were lots of "very hot and very dry" warnings. I checked the forecast for the rest of the day, and it read in the low 90s.

Hah, I thought. They're so wrong. I checked the National Weather Service to see what they said. Same thing, though they at least had high 90s.

I was hearing a deep rumble like thunder every once in a while, and finally I just went out to see what the heck was making that noise -- I knew it wasn't the landlord's subwoofer because the house wasn't shaking.

Uh, why is the deck wet? And where's the sunlight? I went to the window and... everything is wet. It IS thunder I'm hearing. It's close to 100 degrees, and raining.

That may make sense in Florida and places, but this is California; it only rains when it's COLD outside. I don't recall any of the forecasts mentioning rain -- just "hot and dry". I suppose the smoke from all the fires could be influencing the weather a little bit. But still, this is freaky. I went outside, and it's warm, but not anywhere near 100+ anymore, so they were right about the sudden temperature drop. In fact, I just looked. It has dropped 20 degrees in an hour and 15 minutes -- with an 11-degree drop in the last 15 minutes.

Again, this doesn't happen here. Hello, Climate Change.