June 24th, 2008


Hazing with a Tiny Paper Hat

Everything was bathed in yellow light all day today, and the air smelled of burned grass. Even looking out the window at the cherry trees at the end of the driveway, there was a haze from all the smoke in the air. I think it was a combination of smoke from the 3800-acre fire in nearby Hollister (contained) and the nearly 60,000-acre fire still raging (nearly 60 percent contained) in Los Padres National Forest a bit farther south.


Speaking of bleah, I learned something new today: I don't like papaya. I had bought a fruit cup with strawberries (yums!), blueberries (eh), kiwi (yums! -- which I recently tried for the first time also), and papaya... and... ew. Papaya is icky. I guess I could stand it if I had more strawberries to eat afterward, but all I had left were the papaya (they were at the bottom of the cup). I cut one piece in half and ate it, then decided to toss it into the back yard for the wild critters, if they want it.