June 30th, 2008


My Freakmobile

Speaking of Freakazoid (you all caught the Freakazoid reference in my last entry's title, I presume), I decided that, for the upcoming online racing series about to start, I would paint myself a Freakmobile to advertise the upcoming DVD release.

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You might just make out the text written on the pitbox (besides the giant "HUGGBEES!"). It reads: "Find Emmitt Nervend five times in this pitbox." You can see only two in this picture...

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There are two monitors on top of the pit box. Both have Emmitt displaying on them. Emmitt is also on both sides of the pitboard, and once on the pit wall.

The driver suit is like Freakazoid -- all red, with the "F!" logo on the chest, and with white gloves and shoes. The helmet, which you can't see because (A)r(ca)Factor doesn't show it on the player vehicle (but others will see it) has a blue visor, and is black with Freakazoid's lightning bolt on each side.

Anyway, while I'm on the subject: The bonus feature interviews for F! Season 2 have been canceled. Whether this is just a scheduling issue, or the DVDs will not have bonus features, or the Season 2 as a whole has been canceled, is yet to be determined.

And because of a prior commitment, Tom Ruegger will not be at the Freakapanel, for those of you lucky enough to be going to ComicCon. If I remember right, he said that Andrea Romano will take his place, and she's never done a panel before. Bruce Timm apparently also will be there.