July 3rd, 2008


Busy day at work today...

...watching The Golden Compass on Blu-Ray.

A couple weeks ago, the boss/landlord's giant TV disappeared. Now I know why he got rid of it. This morning, a truck arrived and delivered a bloody huge TV. This thing is six feet across, if not more.

So, after he got it hooked up, he announced that once all shipping was done for the day, the five of us were going to quit work and watch a movie. So we did.

I hadn't seen the movie yet. penelopecat and I keep thinking of renting it but never do. She was never enthused about seeing it in general, so maybe that's why. But it was pretty nifty. Hey, you can't go wrong with a talkin' ferret!

Speaking of movies, we went out last weekend to see WALL-E. I knew that, being an early Pixar concept, it would evoke memories of early CG films -- where the story is told by actions and not words. I quite liked that. I'm not sure the general audience did.

A week before, we had seen Get Smart, and the audience applauded at the end of it (it was funny, but extremely predictable; I knew that (spoiler) was going to be the (spoiler), and that Max was going to (spoil spoiler) to escape in some way.

However, for WALL-E, there was dead silence after the film. I haven't seen any general viewer remarks, so I don't know if it was a disappointment at the movie having to end, or -- as my cynicism would have be believe -- simply that the audience never really figured out what was going on because it was almost all told visually. And they didn't whack you over the head with it, either, like in the first moments of the film when WALL-E stops by a "deceased" colleague, looks at his own worn-out tracks, then cut to WALL-E rolling along again, with newer tracks -- no focus on the new tracks, no dialog saying, "Boy I sure am glad I was able to get these new tracks off that other guy" ... nope. It's just there for you to figure out. I like that.

There was a problem with the plot, though, I think...

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Sad truth!