July 29th, 2008


Hamsters and Brussels Sprouts

Got the Freakazoid and Tiny Toons volume 1 DVD sets tonight after my online race. Oh, the Freakazoid special features are wonderful -- the commentary, the interviews, and the Freakazoid promos made when they had no episodes completed yet.

The TTA extra interviews? Eh. Hey, Warner Bros., here's a tip: When you have black & white photos of people wearing black suits, don't write the captions in black. The interviews feature mostly Ruth Clampett talking about Looney Tunes, with a few words as well from Sherri Stoner, Jean MacCurdy, Tom Ruegger and Paul Dini. There's some good info divulged, though, but it's all serious, unlike the Freakazoid stuff (which is to be expected, I suppose).

You have to frame-by-frame a few spots in the F! interview to get a good look at some of the original Bruce Timm character designs (apparently Cave Guy was originally called Trogg). Alas, I didn't see a name written next to that skeletal gunfighter dude whose name I've always wanted to know; the original art of him is shown only in closeups. But as Paul Rugg mentions, for some of these characters, they had no name.

The Freakazoid commentaries are not just on individual shorts, but on the entire episodes -- episodes 1, 2 and ... uh ... whichever one "Next Time, Phone Ahead" and "The Nerdator" were in. Yeah. Good stuff though. The commentary during "Handman" is pretty funny as Paul playfully digs into Tom by pointing out all the places where it really should have ended, but no, it just keeps going!

Some really good info too from Paul about lines as Freakazoid and Paul Harvey which he thought were just auditions or warm-ups; he never expected they'd actually go into the show. I will spoil one thing: He was originally just supposed to say "No" to Jeepers' question about wanting to see something strange and mystical. The rant that followed was entirely ad-libbed -- and cut very short compared to how long it originally went (only cut for reasons of time, Tom adds). Aw man, now we need a Deleted Scenes/Sounds reel!

So, now that the DVDs are out, I wonder if I should retire the Freakmobile that I made for my online racing. It has had three races. I finished third at the Milwaukee Mile, third at Daytona, and today only 10th at Nashville Superspeedway. Alas, after qualifying third, I thought I could just punch it coming out of the pits (third pit stall from the end), but I was wrong, and got a speeding penalty on the first pit stop, sending me back to 28th position. I could have had better than 10th but got turned very sideways by someone trying an impossible move in the later laps as I was right behind 8th and 9th. Ah well. I definitely wasn't going to get another 3rd out of it, as we had some hotshoes visiting us. Real-life NASCAR driver A.J. Allmendinger was one of them, and he won the race as one might expect. I probably could have had somewhere around 5th through 7th if I hadn't gotten my speeding penalty.

We'll be having a race webcast live in a few weeks -- I haven't looked up exactly when that's going to be. Maybe I should run the Freakmobile for that one race...? Or just my normal car with our company logo on it. I dunno yet.

While I was racing tonight, apparently we had a fox on the deck again! It has been about a year since the last time. I hope I'll see one tomorrow... I did see a raccoon hanging out on the side of the road nearby as I left the get the DVDs.

Oh, and here's a couple of silly videos of John P. McCann & Paul Rugg at ComicCon:


Ah yes. There is the "genius" behind our beloved Freakazoid! heheh!