September 19th, 2008


Rooftop critters!

The way this house is built on rolling land, the "upstairs" portion is only about six steps from the "downstairs" portion. Outside our office, past the sliding glass door, there's a wooden landing from which you can walk down to the deck. The roof over the living room area is below eye-level from the office, so it's not much of a jump for a critter to get from the roof to the landing (especially if using the railing in between).

A while ago, it was almost a daily happening around 4 to 5 p.m. that I'd hear the thump-thump of a cat jumping down onto the landing.

Today, I heard a loud thump-thump. I thought, ooh, big kitty... but I turned around to look and-- IT WAS A FOX!!!

Just standing there, looking into the office for a bit before looking around. So cool. By the time I got my camera and got it past the "Set Date & Time" screen (because I'd recently recharged the battery), the fox had already gone down the steps to the deck and down the next set of steps to the back yard area. So I didn't get any video of interest, alas.

Still was cool though!

There's a bird that's using our roof to crack open acorns. It rips them off the tree and drops them -- thunk -- after which they roll into the rain gutter for collection by the bird later. Clever. I've seen a bird outside penelopecat's place do something similar -- dropping a walnut in the middle of the road, picking it up, flying away then dropping it in the road again, 'til it finally cracked.