October 3rd, 2008


Kitty! Bunny! They're back!

Waaaaay back in early 2003 when Flash animation was a new fad, there was a really great one from Korea expertly set to music about a girl rabbit that falls in love with a boy cat in a world inhabited by cats and rabbits for whom inter-species dating is taboo.

In early 2005, a sequel came out, introducing some more characters. There was a promise of more episodes to come, but then... no updates for a long time. The creators didn't have time or resources to continue it.

But a couple years ago, they announced that they got a government grant to continue the series.

Finally, two more parts of the now decidedly five-part series have come out publicly. It has really become quite poignant and touching, while still cute and expertly matched to the music, and, as always, perfectly able to tell a story without dialog.


Streaming from the site in Korea is not recommended. For each movie, after you click the View button (hover the mouse over each "poster" to see the View buttons -- or "English ver." on the first two parts), you'll see a text link for downloading a ZIP of the actual Flash file which you can load in your web browser, or a self-running EXE for each movie.

At the top of that page, you can click "Characters" and move your mouse around for a neat little explanation of all the characters' relationships to one another (and you can learn their names too).

These new parts do not have any "easter eggs" like there was in the second one (when you click on the fish silhouette in the sky).