October 25th, 2008


Free at last!

The racing season is getting longer and longer it seems. Tonight is the final night of racing this year, which means this is the last time I'll be writing for the newspaper this year.

And that means finally we can actually DO stuff on weekends. Normally, I spend the first half of Saturday writing my article from Friday's races (or first half of Sunday writing about Saturday's races). And we tend not to want to go anywhere on Sundays 'cause of work the next day.

But... what should we do? Where should we go? Next Friday, (Halloween, yes), we're going to Monterey to do spook-knows-what (aquarium, walk around aimlessly, eat, and that's about all we have planned).

If anyone in the Bay Area has any bright ideas, let's hear 'em. Maybe we can do something with you, 'cause, y'know, it'd be nice if we had Real Life friends too!