October 26th, 2008


I lied, and so do Prop. 8 demonstrators

We got fogged out at the races last night, so we had to finish 'em today.

On the way back, a sickening sight, though not surprising for this relatively rural town: A hoard of people with "Yes on Prop. 8" signs, and most motorists honking in approval.

I made sure to give them a nice big thumbs-down as I rode past.

For those outside California who haven't yet heard of this one (which has been covered on national news quite a bit), Prop. 8 would write discrimination straight into the state's constitution, by explicitly stating that the legal bond of marriage can happen only between a man and a woman.

What was most sickening of the demonstrators were their signs, featuring the sort of lying about the real issue that religious people do so much when trying to argue their positions.


Uhhh, excuse me, Bible-thumpers, but what the Heaven does any of that have to do with same-sex marriage? Marriage is a legal thing -- not a religious thing, contrary to what you would like to believe.

It has nothing to do with parental rights whatsoever. (TV ads proclaim, "Without Prop. 8, same-sex marriage will be taught in our schools." Well, yes, schools are supposed to prepare kids for the REAL WORLD. If you want your kids to live only your fantasy Christian world, you DO have the right to home-school them or send them to brainwash camp -- err, I mean, private school. (I can say that; I did go to a private Christian school. Luckily, I was able to avoid permanent brain damage.) So there's no infringement of your right to keep your kids blindfolded.)

And free speech? WTF? I don't even know how their twisted little cross-waving minds are trying to connect same-sex marriage to an infringement of the First Amendment!

The argument has nothing to do with whether a couple will have children. I mean, Linda and I are getting married, but we're not having children. Should we not be allowed to marry because of that? So why shouldn't a same-sex couple also have the same rights to the legal and financial benefits of marriage?

Prop. 8 is discrimination, pure and simple. The same Religious Right (or Religious Wrong, as I like to call them, though that is a bit redundant in my opinion) who would prevent me from marrying a man are probably the descendants of those who 80 years ago supported the laws that would have prevented me from marrying Linda because she's Chinese.

Those laws were rescinded eventually. No doubt, if Prop. 8 passes, it too will be struck down in time, making all this moot. But it's better to have social progress sooner than later.

Uh, sorry, I don't usually discuss political things here. But religious zealots spouting nonsense really irk me (thus I am irked frequently).