November 7th, 2008


Lilo & The Brain

Probably many of you know of this, but I just discovered the web comic drawn by Lilo & Stitch creator Chris Sanders: Kiskaloo. The Archive section doesn't work right, so in order to read it from the beginning, click the word "First" you see near the upper right part of the front page.

Not only is the artwork style so recognizably similar to his work on Lilo & Stitch, but the bizarre thought processes of the characters seem very Lilo-ish too. After reading the comic, check out the hilarious character bios in the "About" page. They remind me of the Freakazoid character bios that John McCann wrote.

The cat in the comic has one eye (he wears an eyepatch), which apparently is what Sanders wanted for the cat in the movie Bolt (then called American Dog) -- a one-eyed cat and a radioactive rabbit who help Bolt through the deserts of Nevada. Well, this web comic also has a rabbit (though not radioactive as far as we know thus far).

John Lasseter took Sanders off the Bolt movie because he thought Sanders was too quirky for the movie's own good. So Sanders left Disney altogether and joined Dreamworks. He is directing the stone-age comedy Crood Awakening, which originally was going to be an Aardman/Dreamworks film until Aardman and Dreamworks broke their ties but Dreamworks maintained rights to the script. He also has taken over the Dreamworks movie adaptation of How to Train Your Dragon, which originally was going to be produced by former Pinky & The Brain producer Peter Hastings.

Peter had been involved in the production of the American version of Aardman's Creature Comforts, so it's possible his departure from the Dreamworks movie was because of his ties to Aardman, but it could have been simply for obvious personal reasons. Other than sending my condolences for his loss, I haven't been in touch with him for a couple years.

On an unrelated note, I learned something else I never knew, thanks to a post John McCann made in his blog: Richard Stone, before doing the music for some of our favorite cartoons, did the music for the horror movie Pumpkinhead. Interesting!