November 13th, 2008


Ouchies. Tendin' to my jaw. Radda!

I woke up Monday in pain which has not subsided. It feels like I pulled a tendon on the right side of my face and neck. The only constant is a sort of dull pain on the jaw bone socket, but I do get sharper pain when I lean down (pressure on the tendons to hold the head up) or turn my head to the left (stretching the tendons).

Sometimes, at random, I get a really sharp pain from the neck tendon when I swallow.

It doesn't help that I'm constantly popping my jaw out from under my cheekbone a little bit (more on the right side than the left). When I relax my face, my jaw bone falls into a position from which I cannot open my mouth more than about an inch. So, to eat, or just to feel comfortable, I stretch the muscles in my face to pull that side of the jaw out. There's a clunk, and then I can open my mouth freely. I can close my mouth without it falling back into "locked" position provided I deliberately hold the jaw forward -- but that stretches the tendons a little. Nevertheless, that is what I find myself doing constantly throughout the day. This is nothing new, but in the current "injury" situation, it just exacerbates the problem, I think.

It seems to be a little better now than it was Monday, but has been the same for the past couple days. I know that it takes quite a while for pulled tendons to fully heal, so I just have to deal with it, and try to avoid popping my jaw in and out of position. That's the hard part, because it's something I do several times per minute, pretty much. I move my tongue and jaw involuntarily when concentrating or just thinking about things.

And maybe it's just me, but all week I've had a scene from tonight's new episode of Chowder in my head. It was in the promo that aired last week. It's Shnitzel singing the Mexican Hat Dance. I just can't get that out of my head, and the episode hasn't even aired yet!