December 2nd, 2008


General awesomeness, i.e., three entries in one.

tikistitch has posted scans of another issue of the Lilo & Stitch manga. I'll get to work on translatin' that ASAP.

I just posted a really fun video I shot of Martin Spitznagel playing a stride piano medley of music from Super Mario Bros., Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

A fun story heard at the ragtime festival. When the St Louis Ragtimers were introducing a tune called Back to Chestnut Valley, the story went something like this:

Chestnut Valley was a notorious area of St Louis. It was the red-light district, full of brothels, sporting houses and so forth. In fact, the area was so famous, they've since built a giant arch to commemorate the spot -- complete with a red light on top!