December 11th, 2008


More voice recording inspired by Ruegger pics

I don't even know if these two characters are meant to be together, and I'm not so sure the voice I did really fits the blue bird, but I had this idea that Poe, who looks so depressed, would say, "Whatevermore." With that idea in mind, I thought today about how a scene might go with a character who says nothing but "Whatevermore."


No YouTube video this time, but here's the recording I just made -- again this was my first and only take.

Again, I have no idea if these characters really are meant to act like that or sound like that. This is just what sprang to my mind upon looking at them (mainly at Poe).

Yeah, it's not as funny as the beavers skit I did... but this is what my mind came up with tonight.