December 15th, 2008


Seeing the big picture

Saturday, penelopecat and I went into the new Circuit City on one of the last days before they close for good. Almost nothing was left in the store (they're even selling all their fixtures, and given that the store went into liquidation right about the time they took down their Grand Opening signs, it's all very lightly used). But I spied their last Samsung LCD monitor.

It was a 2253BW, 22-inch widescreen, 8000:1 contrast, 2ms refresh, 1680×1050 resolution, DVI and VGA. Their tag was wrong, I noticed. It said "30% off" and had the 30-percent-off price written on it. However, I had noted upon entering the store that the signs said, "All monitors 40% off". So I checked with them and sure enough, the monitor was 40 percent off.

It was a display model, but I convinced them to hook it up to a PC so I could see it. No dead pixels!

I'm using it now (DVI). It cost me $175, as I recall. Linda paid for some of it to be my Christmas present, since I didn't know what I wanted otherwise anyway.

It makes a change from the 15-inch Sony CRT that I've been using!