December 23rd, 2008


Punny Bunny

Just popped into my head while working:

Q: If the Quik Rabbit were the Easter Bunny, what would he call his retirement fund / pension?

A: His Nestlé Egg.

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. Tip your veal, and try the waitress.

Oh, and something obvious that John McCann just wrote, which I never noticed:

Mr Lighter-Than-Air in the intro of each Manny the Uncanny segment is the same guy (Marc Drotman) who was the voice of Fatman in Freakazoid.

John also wrote that Paul said that the idea of Manny going to the U.N. for one segment was a tribute to when the Animaniacs writers went to the U.N. (which itself inspired the U.N. Me song).