January 2nd, 2009


"I am not number; I am free man!"

Yes, there is a reason why I left out the articles in that quote.

So, no sooner does the first season of the remake of Survivors conclude than it is that I discover that a "re-interpretation" of The Prisoner has just finished filming. AMC TV has a web page for it, which includes production blogs from Ian McKellen (one entry has an amusing photo of him standing outside of a bar in Cape Town, South Africa, called Gandalf's), photos, interviews and whatnot.

The reason I left out the articles in my quote is because McKellen is billed as playing "Two", while Jim Caviezel is playing "Six" -- instead of "Number Two" and "Number Six" -- and one source I read says the location where Six finds himself is called "Village" -- not "The Village". OK, whatever.

For those who never saw the original: The Prisoner is what the first two episodes (as I recall) of the final Pinky & The Brain story, "Brainwashed", was a parody of. It also happens to be one of if not the single best television series ever. (It was the first TV show I decided to record on videotape, in the early/mid-1980s -- even before I began recording each new season of Doctor Who (or "Old Who" as people call it these days).) This means the remake -- sorry, they insist it is not a remake, but an entirely new envisioning -- will be under a lot of scrutiny, I'm sure.

Anyway, thought I'd pass that along. Be seeing you!

American Dog and Eskimo Cat

You recall a few posts ago, I mentioned an online comic by Chris Sanders called Kiskaloo, and how it features a one-eyed cat, which was one of the ideas I had read about having been in the original designs for Bolt before Sanders was removed from the project...

Well, turns out, it's not just the same idea; it's the same cat entirely! This page (in Russian) contains several sketches and fully rendered stills (plus a movie which I downloaded through the excruciatingly slow Russian server, but it's worth the wait) of the early production of Bolt, back when Sanders was on it and it was called American Dog. The characters were more cartoonish and slightly anthro (walking on two legs, as seen in the movie). I think the dog is cuter, in his cartoony (dare I say Stitchy) style, and for sure would have sold more plushies. But I do think the final movie was better for the characters being non-anthro.

Anyway, have fun, and click on the pictures for larger versions. And if anyone can translate the text, even better!