January 4th, 2009


Signs of aging

First: Let's all wish penelopecat a happy birthday! Love you!

Last night, we were playing Clue and Aggravation with family, including my aunt and a cousin. The cousin wondered if she and Linda were about the same age. Not even close. That led to speculation about how old I was.

I announced, "I'll be 38 this year."

Neither myself nor Linda realized I had got it wrong, until I did it again later over dinner.

I'll be 39 this year. I'm already 38. Gah! That's the first time I've ever forgotten how old I am.

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Not that I'm complaining about the casting; it's just an "ack! I'm old!" thing.

The ultimate cosplay?

I didn't know until now that they made a live-action version of Negima. It's full of silly over-the-top acting and so forth, as it should have. It reminds me of the Doctor Who story Paradise Towers in that regard. (Most DW fans hate that episode for the over-the-top characters and acting, but I loved it for that reason; it was SUPPOSED to be that way.)

This clip of the supposed dodgeball match from episode 2 of the Negima live-action series features all the students doing their thing, so it's a good way to get a taste of it (since otherwise you may not recognize who's who): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCWQTbnTk84&fmt=18

Shame that Evangeline isn't a gaijin, nor blonde to attempt to make her look so, but there it is. Her hair has curls, so perhaps that's an attempt to make her look like a gaijin.

And hey! It uses ragtime music at times! That's a plus!

And before anyone gasps about the, uh, situations with the girls that the live-action 10-year-old Negi undoubtedly finds himself in, note that he is played by a 13-year-old girl.