January 12th, 2009



I need to move. Sometime between 1 month and 1 year from now.

If you don't know, I live where I work. My landlord started a business in 2002 and I have been working for him since 2003.

But now they're going to sell this house and move, along with the business, to a new house they are going to build somewhere in the Carson Valley area of Nevada (e.g., Minden, Gardnerville -- about 20 minutes south of Carson City, an hour south of Reno, and just over the hills from South Lake Tahoe).

They dearly want me to stay on, and move over there too. Certainly, I'd like to keep this job. But it would mean penelopecat would lose the job she's had for two years, as her company only has one branch in Nevada, and that's way down in Las Vegas, eight hours away.

Other Pros & Cons:

Climate is about the same, though colder in the winter, regularly below freezing at night. It snows, but just a little -- average of only five inches for the month of January. It is at 4000 feet, so cooking and other things would need adjusting, I guess.

Nevada has no personal income tax currently (big plus!). The sales tax rate is lower. Housing is considerably cheaper. For the cost of the itty bitty townhouses we were looking at around here, one could get an actual house there (and there are plenty on the market, according to a quick search). Thus a small house or a large condo is much more affordable.

As far as my annual ragtime festival journeys, the travel time would be about the same to Sacramento and Sutter Creek as they are from here, though they will be closer in terms of distance. It would be much colder to come back from the Sacramento festival, over the Sierra Nevada mountains in November.

We don't know anybody in Nevada, I think. We haven't exactly been visiting anyone in California either, though. (We're terrible, I know. We should get out more!) The exception is having visited my nephew and former sister-in-law two weeks ago. We'd be about four or five hours from where we are now -- definitely not a there-and-back trip distance, but still a weekend-visit possibility, if we can get Linda used to driving long distances (she says she can't drive more than an hour, but I think that's more to do with stressful traffic in this highly-populated area) or, horror upon horrors, get me behind the wheel of a real car (I have only ever piloted motor scooters and motorcycles). The latter may be necessary for winter-time commute if it's icy.

It will be tough to convince Linda that we should go. She has almost always lived in one of the largest cities in the country (San Jose). To move from a city of 900,000 to a town of fewer than 4000 people would be huge culture shock. Even nearby Carson City, with a population of just under 60,000, would seem like a small town to her.