January 15th, 2009


Let's Freak again like we did last summer

The second DVD sets of Freakazoid! and Tiny Toon Adventures are coming out April 21.

Short and to the point, ain't I? OK: F! extras describe "a full season's worth of commentaries" which is interesting since John McCann had mentioned that there were no commentaries in his session. Deceptive description, or was he just not in them? Also included is a look at the creation of the final episode, and a demo reel of "Bonjour, Lobey". I haven't seen any info yet on extras in the TTA set.

For the first time, Paul Rugg has gotten serious in his blog, paying tribute to Ricardo Montalban, who passed away yesterday (the DVDs were put to bed about a week or two ago, so I don't expect there will be any special tribute on the F! vol. 2). It's a really great recollection of how they got Mr Montalban to do the part of Guitierrez, and of the recording sessions themselves. Go read it. (See a friends-only post from Jan. 9 for the URL to Paul's blog.)