January 28th, 2009


Oh deer, shaving cream for dinner

During work on Friday, I heard a noise on the deck outside. Obviously it was a large critter, so I turned around hoping it was a fox.

It was a deer... walking up the 10 steps... backward. Once she got onto the deck, she turned around and trotted across, out of sight (the other side of the deck is at ground level, as the house is built on a hill). Craziest thing I ever did see!

After work, I met penelopecat at a hotel in San Jose where Further Confusion was being held. We both like costume characters and puppets, so it's fun to hang around the lobby watching the fursuits.

But I wanted to play the piano, 'cause a couple years ago, I had come up with a furry-themed verse for Shaving Cream and wanted to test it out on some furries.

I got the attention of a few by repeatedly playing Fish Heads. Then we all sang Fish Heads together, and then I broke into Shaving Cream. My furry-themed verse was a success.

I'm playing at Further Confusion
Around me, you furries all sit
Some say that you all must be perverts
But I know that's a big crock of shaving cream.

Then one of the guys there left, but the other tried to remember The Masochism Tango. Then the girl there began singing I Hold Your Hand in Mine and I joined in heartily. All three of us then belted out Poisoning Pigeons in the Park.

Then the other guy left, but before the girl left, she introduced herself. Turns out it was babsbunny! That was cool. We've seen each other on IRC occasionally (neither of us getting on there as often as we should) so were vaguely aware of one another. Obviously someone of impeccable taste in dementia! She was carrying a Bolt plushie, which made us think later that Linda could have been carrying our "daughter", a white plushie cat named Valentina.

Saturday, penelopecat and I went to her family's Chinese New Year dinner -- another three-hour banquet with a million courses. Like last year, I did not try the jellyfish. One of these days... I also didn't have the shrimp because they were whole, and tearing off the shells, legs and full egg sacks is just too much messy work. I do love shrimp, though.

And I tried not to look at the severed chicken head that was baked with the rest of the bird (except for the feet which probably were used in one of the soups we had). The sea bass was really yummy. I didn't eat as much as I could have. I didn't want to appear like I was taking more food than everyone else, even though none of the courses at our table was ever finished.