February 11th, 2009


Colorblind conspiracy theory

The house where I'm living, which is now for sale, had colorful walls. The foyer was red; the sitting room was teal; the kitchen was yellow with dark blue trim; the lower bathroom was fuchsia; the end of the hallway was dark blue.

Originally, the kitchen was white with wood-panel drawers, cupboard doors and oven doors. The wood paneling was all painted white when the walls were painted yellow with dark blue trim.

Well, the estate agent told the landpeople that potential homebuyers were finding the colorful walls "startling", and insisted that these walls all be painted white.

This means that the kitchen is now like walking onto the set of THX 1138. ...well, except for the wooden butterflies that make up the cupboard handles. The whole thing is just white, white, white. It's creepy.

Even the stairway down to the garage is creepy now. Previously the landpeople had painted the metal backets for the handrail white, but painted the handrail itself yellow. Now the handrail is white as well as the brackets and walls. Creeeeepy!

And frankly, the end of the hallway being white instead of dark blue just makes the hallway look shorter. Even the guy who came in to paint everything white said he preferred the colors as they were.

As for conspiracy...

We've had a shipment we sent to a customer in Switzerland disappear without a trace. The cynic in me wants to think it's because his French surname kinda looks like it could be Arabic and the address had the abbreviation of his district on it -- PLO (Plan-les-Ouates) -- thus the U.S. government confiscated it thinking we were trying to send something to some secret Palestinian organization in Switzerland.

Paranoid? Realistic?