March 4th, 2009


Okie dokie, here's some karaoke, okay?

Why didn't I think of doing this earlier?

It's Yakko's World without Yakko -- putting together the MIDI file that I made and the original video.

Go ahead. Sing it. You know you want to.

In other news, the playlist of gameplay of the unreleased Tiny Toons game, which I posted the other day, now has a several more parts added to it (10 total as of this writing). You fans of Fifi will be pleased. She does have a speaking part in the game.

What to do with old stuff

Looks like my move may be happening quite soon -- like, within a couple weeks.

I should get rid of some of my old computer gear. I have old gameport joysticks, game card, sound cards, video cards (ISA, PCI), CD-ROMs, memory sticks, motherboards... stuff dating back to my first PC back in 1995 or '96.

Also have two Atari 2600s, an Atari 5200, and an Intellivision II with IntelliVoice, which I probably should tear myself away from hoarding (but I think I'd like to keep my Vectrex!).

Anyone have an idea of where I might find people who might be interested in old stuff like this? I'd prefer people make use of the stuff or salvage where possible.

I do have my C64 and Amiga still, too. Might be fun to have those hooked up again someday, though the C64's power supply is toast. I'd like to preserve more of the late John Roache's SID-Player files. I have MIDI files of mine on my Amiga that I would like to retrieve someday too.