March 5th, 2009


Serious ouchness

Moments ago while working, I felt a "shunk" in my back, like the upper part slid sideways while the rest of me was stationary.

I'm in considerable pain. I can't bend over, and it hurts to lift my arms off my desk. I can walk with difficulty and have a bit more pain when carrying anything -- any extra weight.

I have been having minor back pain lately which I attribute to old age and slouching. It has even hurt a little bit to ride my motorcycle. "Oh, I'm getting old," I would tell myself, as I also spend more effort to get my leg over the bike when mounting and dismounting.

I also tend to get back pain when nervous (sometimes when having an intense online race or when I think I have a shot at a pole position in qualifying). That I've been thinking all morning of pulling out all my boxes of old stuff and cataloging it for the purposes of potentially selling so much of my life from the past 25 or so years probably wasn't helping matters. I'm such a nostalgic person that it practically makes me a packrat.

But this felt like a physical movement in the back rather than simply a psychosomatic muscle pain from nerves. And I have 11 FedEx orders to process in the next hour... joy.

Now that I've typed this while remaining still, I feel a little better. (However, I do tend to tolerate a constant pain rather quickly compared to other people, as evidenced by all the people who told me I'd be suffering so much after my dental surgery but I ended up not needing the painkillers at all.) I just stood up without much difficulty. Bending over still is impossible, however. I can touch my thighs, but cannot reach my knees.

Back to processing these orders. Then I'll see if they'll let me quit and lie down. I should do that now, but I'm too dedicated to that. I want to get the important stuff done first -- health later.

Back update

Still pain, but movement is possible. I even touched my toes, which is a stretch at the best of times.

It is fairly typical for my back to be weak at this time of year, actually. It's the end the off-season from the race track. For most of March through October, I have a weekly motorcycle trip over the Hecker Pass Highway, which works as exercise for my back. During the winter, that doesn't happen, and my motorcycle rides are just quick trips into town and back.

Of course, moving to Nevada at the end of this month means no more working at Ocean Speedway, thus no more weekly trips over that mountain pass. I'll have to do something to keep my back in shape. There are a couple roads there that look interesting, but with no reason to hit them on a regular basis, would I?