March 8th, 2009


California, Here I Go...

My last full day in California will be Friday, March 20. As soon as I'm done with shipments for that day, we'll pack up our remaining desks and computers and go to bed on our remaining mattresses. Saturday morning, we're off to Nevada so that everything can be set up on Sunday and ready to continue business as usual on Monday.

Won't know exactly the address until after next weekend, as we're renting a house which will be decided upon when the bosses go there to choose a place to rent while the new house is constructed. The new place being built will be on Cindy's Trail in Carson City (though in Douglas County, so actually south of the Carson City metropolitan area).

This means next weekend is my final weekend in California. I thought I would have one more week. Of course, prior to a few days ago, I thought I wouldn't be moving until summer, so this is just getting more and more sudden.

One of these weekdays, I'm going to travel to Felton to see my dad one last time. He's up for the idea I had of recording video of him telling his stories about meeting Babe Ruth, Sophie Tucker, Casey Stengel, Alfred Hitchcock, and reminiscences about being a 5-year-old kid when America entered WWII, playing stickball in the streets growing up, and being a 16-year-old in spring training for the New York Yankees.

My room is such an amazing pile of crap, though. Packing will take up so much time, but I don't have the time, it seems. Still have to go through all my drawers to separate needed stuff from unneeded stuff; all my clothes to separate needed, unwearable, unneeded for donation; somehow gather all my books together; and worse, all these video tapes scattered through every freakin' corner, while somehow keeping track of what is going where -- CDs and audiotapes too actually. Little things like change and calculator and candles and cables and... how to pack these?

I hate doing "work" after work, but I'm going to have to, since I have only one weekend left and this is more than a whole-weekend job probably. Blarrrrrg. At least aatheus took a whole bunch of old PC sound cards, video cards, cases, motherboards, and Atari 2600s, 5200, Intellivision II, and joysticks and other sundry electronic bits and bobs and PC software in original boxes which had taken up my entire walk-in closet. Hopefully he'll make some good money off that stuff.

I still have lots of Amiga stuff, but I can't part entirely with my Amiga 1000 and the enormous 1070 monitor unless I know for certain that there's an Amiga emulator for PC that will run Deluxe Music Construction Set and -- most importantly -- can output MIDI. The only reason I still have my Amiga is because I want to resume capturing my old DMCS MIDI files onto the PC to save as normal .mid files. Well, I would also like to run the MED program I have and record one weird ragtime/baroque electric-guitar fusion thing I had composed just to test MED's ability to do pitchbends, triplets and echoes. That's some very early composition of mine.

I'm really sorry that I never got around to arranging a visit with chocorisu and toonygal. They've been within about an hour's drive away for the past year or two, and I've always wanted that I and penelopecat should meet up with them sometime.

As for Penny/Linda, she won't be moving to Nevada with me right away. Her current plan is to come in May or June. I wouldn't mind her coming earlier, certainly, but she wants to keep some doctor appointments. She was worried about not having insurance when she quits her job here, but my landlady had an idea: Why don't Linda and I get legally married, so that she can be covered under my insurance? We can always do a ceremony later for families' sakes. We'll see what Linda thinks of that.

I'm such a bundle of nerves that all I've eaten today is a bagel.